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Dual-purpose primer and peelable H2O Liquid Mask® – for a professional finish on windows and doors.  Can be applied with a sprayer, roller or brush.

An exceptional finish starts with impeccable masking.  With H2O Liquid Mask® all you need to do is spray it, roll it or paint it on, all over and nice and thick!  No taping or scraping needed for the best finish ever.

H20 can be used as a primer over knots if the timber is sanded.  Can also be used as a primer for external environments.



Step 1 – Prepare Surface (Remove all debris & dust and sand down timber. If the timber had been previously painted ensure the timber is fully sanded before applying h20.)


Step 2 – Apply H20 Prime & Mask (Stir thoroughly then apply H20 with either a synthetic bristle brush, long nap roller (mid pile) or conventional airless sprayer, recommended typical fluid tip size of 0.013 to 0.017. Theoretical coverage 2m squared /Litre at 200ЧM DFT)


Step 3 – Leave to Fully Cure (Once H20 prime & mask turns clear (fully cured) – repeat process for a second coat . This should take 30-60 minutes)


Step 4 – Cut & Peel  (Carefully cut around inside edge of frames with a sharp knife & simply peel mask away from glass. After use, clean applicators with water.)

H2O Liquid Masking Tape

VAT Included
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